11 Modern Marketing Skills for Business Innovators to Master

Technology and social media have made a profound impact on marketing over the past few years. So much so, that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers may need to update their skill sets to properly engage with he next generation of consumers (Gen Z) while effectively leveraging progressive technologies. Want to learn new marketing techniques to help you speak to GenZ? We can help. Get Program Details Gen Z’s Purchasing Power Gen Z is currently one of the largest consumer groups. 73.6 million Americans fit this group, defined by those under 18 that were born after 2000. This represents 22% […]

The Growth of Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting isn’t your average accounting job — it’s a dynamic career path that connects the rules of economics with the laws of government to protect the financial well-being of businesses. In this particular division of accounting, trained professionals provide an incredibly valuable service to organizations by investigating a variety of financial crimes, from tax evasion to business litigation. As the business sector continues to grow, the need for skilled forensic accountants becomes more and more apparent. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that employment for accountants and auditors is expected to grow by 10% between 2016 […]

6 Features of Digital Currency That Could Speed Adoption

Digital currency is rapidly gaining popularity at the expense of paper currency. In order for it to truly become a rival, though, digital currency needs several features that could speed adoption. For example, fast transactions, improved security, support from Wall Street and more could get more consumers on the digital currency bandwagon. These trends, and more, are discussed within the Maryville University Online Master of Science in Accounting program.

Blockchain – the Future of Accounting

For students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry is key to future success. One important factor driving change in the accounting industry is technology, from cloud computing to automated accounting, blockchain and more. Blockchain is specifically poised to create enormous change in the accounting industry. What is Blockchain? A blockchain is a public ledger that is transparent, constantly updated, and nearly impossible to alter via unauthorized means. It is decentralized, aggregating and authenticating every transaction from anywhere in the world. Why Blockchain Matters Blockchain has the potential to make disruptive […]

Solving the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Cyber criminals pose a risk to organizations large and small, local and across the globe. More and more, these organizations need qualified cybersecurity analysts and specialists with the skills and experience to mitigate this risk. As you take the first step toward helping meet this need by pursuing an online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, read more about what it will take to solve the gap: About Cyber Crime There are several different types of cyber crime. The motives behind them can be anything from money to hactivism or espionage. The most popular types of cyber crime include: Phishing attacks […]

4 Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape

The marketing landscape has continued to evolve with every technological advancement. This evolution offers businesses more opportunities to reach their target audiences in new and impactful ways. As you work toward your online MBA degree, it’s important to understand how the following four trends could change the way your business interacts with consumers: Marketing Automation Research shows that nearly half of tasks done by paid professionals can be automated. Indeed, marketing automation is the practice of utilizing software to automate these repetitive tasks. Among companies that outgrew their competitors, 63% were using marketing automation to enhance their marketing strategies. Artificial Intelligence Marketers […]

Trends in Higher Education

A number of challenges and opportunities are arising as new trends enter the higher education landscape. As you pursue your Online Doctor of Education – Higher Education Leadership, consider how the following trends may impact your growing career: Online Learning Online learning options are growing and fundamentally changing the higher education industry. Higher education leaders are finding that more and more students appreciate the flexibility as well as the time and money options that are associated with online classwork. Further, institutions are able to grow through online course options by increasing enrollment and securing long term success. Accountability and ROI […]

Top C-Suite Career Opportunities

Known as the language of business, accounting is an integral part of any organization. A Master’s in Accounting is a strong choice in establishing a career path that can eventually lead to the C-Suite. Learn more about top C-Suite career opportunities here:

Cyber Security in 2017

If you are interested in pursuing your Online Master of Science in Cyber Security, it’s important to understand the trends that could impact both your studies and your career post-graduation. 2017 has already seen a number of media reports of cyberattacks and data breaches, and the commonplace nature of these events is unlikely to change anytime soon. Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Top vulnerabilities in 2017 include cloud-based systems, social media, and other web and business applications. Organizations from Phoenix Banner Health to Yahoo! and Time Inc. have been impacted by cybercrime in recent years; indeed, no business or organization is immune from […]