Risk Management in Healthcare

On any given day, professionals in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country encounter a variety of risks that can impact an organization’s performance and potentially impair patient health. Practitioners need to take into account new regulations and legal requirements when providing patient care. Sensitive data, such as electronic health records (EHRs), can be compromised and manipulated by digital criminals, and inadequate cleansing or sterilization can open up patients to new infections and ailments. These real and ever-present dangers illustrate the need for comprehensive risk management in healthcare. But effective risk management is more than just being aware of these […]

Are Accountants in High Demand? A Look at the Numbers

The practice of accounting has been around for almost as long as civilization itself. When early cultures developed the concept of money and trade, they also began to record these exchanges to ensure they received everything owed to them. Using rudimentary mathematics, they found ways to keep track of credits and debts. Though the field of accounting has changed since its early days, the discipline is still incredibly useful. As global markets have grown and developed, accounting has diverged into many subfields. In each of these, trained professionals manage budgets, keep financial records, and analyze data. Continue reading to find […]

7 Tips for More Effective New Year’s Resolutions

As we approach the new year, there’s no better time for self-reflection — and to plan for self-betterment. That’s part of the drive that inspires some 40% of Americans to make New Year’s resolutions each December, as reported by the Washington Post. Unfortunately, people who make New Year’s resolutions fall short more often than not — and quickly. By as early as January 17, most resolution-makers start losing momentum and falling back into old habits, according to USA Today. In the end, some 80% of resolutions fail, leaving people frustrated and disappointed. If you’re planning on making New Year’s resolutions […]

20 Reasons to Go Back to School in 2020

If you could finish your college degree, what would you do with it? If you’ve been considering enrolling in an online bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate program, but you’ve been putting it off until you can “find the time,” what’s been stopping you? This year, while you’re in the process of putting together your New Year’s resolutions list, you may want to consider going back to school. The decision to return to college, whether to complete an unfinished degree or enter a graduate degree program, is not always easy. But for those who make the brave choice, the rewards may be […]

Top 16 Skills Needed in 2020 and Beyond  

A 2019 survey from Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. found that while more than 82% of employer respondents said they were actively hiring for open positions, approximately 80% of them said they were having a hard time finding qualified candidates. Seventy percent of respondents reported finding a skills shortage among applicants. “This presents a difficult situation for hiring managers who need to fill positions,” Challenger said in a press release. “It’s far more costly to hire someone who does not have the requisite skills and who will potentially only last a short time than to wait for the right person […]

How to Work for the U.N.

International cooperation is more necessary than ever before. The connectivity of cultures around the globe has been increasing throughout human existence, from small, isolated tribes to today’s hyper-connected society. People can travel from almost any country to another to experience different cultures, languages, foods, and traditions. Governments also trade many types of goods and services, make investments in other countries, and create more global connections. What Is the United Nations? Founded in 1945 in the wake of World War II, the United Nations began with 51 member states dedicated to preserving world peace after the greatest armed conflict ever seen. […]

What Are Social Justice Issues?

Humanity is more connected than ever before. Travel has made the world feel smaller, as modern planes ferry hundreds of people to the opposite side of the globe in less than a day. The internet — and the ability to chat in high-definition video — allows us to interact with one another and connect with people we perhaps would have never met under different circumstances. This has also allowed us to rally around causes we care about, raising awareness and helping to change society for the better. Equity in society has become a major point of focus. The #MeToo and […]

Why Do You Want to Work in a Nursing Home?

As the United States population continues to age, the need for quality elder care will grow. One common living option for those who require a high level of care is a nursing home. Nursing homes are complex healthcare facilities with different departments dedicated to maintaining the physical, psychological, and emotional health of their residents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2016 that there were 15,600 nursing homes in the U.S., with about 1.7 million total beds. To support all of their patients, nursing homes employ a diverse group of professionals. These employees may specialize in business, […]

Starting an Adult Day Center

For certain populations, it can be difficult to leave the house or have a social life without assistance and support. Many family members become the caretaker of a parent, sibling, or child who doesn’t need the services of a nursing home or inpatient facility but could benefit from the daily attention of trained healthcare specialists. Individuals who might utilize such regular care include older people suffering from the early effects of dementia and younger adults who have mental health problems or have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). One option for such individuals is an adult day center. These care […]

Women in Statistics and Data Science

The 2016 film Hidden Figures was a hit at the box office, earning millions of dollars and multiple Academy Award nominations. The film garnered widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike for its portrayal of three black women working for NASA in the 1960s. Though Hidden Figures fudged some facts and dates to fit its narrative, the central figures of the movie were real –– including Katherine Johnson, portrayed by Taraji P. Henson. Johnson was a NASA mathematician for over 30 years, helping the Space Task Force calculate trajectories for launches and landings on the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. […]