Maryville University Business and Math Games

Money matters and it’s important to learn how to properly count money, make change, add, subtract and other important math functions. Math games are a great way to practice these lessons and better understand the importance of each skill. Whether you’re going to balance your books as a future business owner or need to manage your personal finances, practices with these games and you’ll be better prepared to do so.

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Learning about math and money can be boring, but not with these fun games!

Elementary Math Games

These math games and worksheets will make sure you learn all you can about math.

Math Games and Activities

Develop your math and counting skills with these fun games.

More Math Games

There’s always more to learn about math, so why not play these games and finally know what you don’t know?

The Divider Machine

Having trouble with division? Well there’s a machine for that! Try out the Divider Machine!

Soccer Shootout

Math and soccer? Is there a better combination in the whole world? Probably.

Arithmetic Four

Connect Four AND a fun math game!? Sign me up!

Multiplication Games

Multiplication can be very difficult for some students. It doesn’t have to be, though, and these games are out to prove it.

Alien Addition

Find the sum of these equations before the alien lands. HURRY!

Home Run Derby

Baseball is a game that relies on math maybe more than any other sport, so it makes sense that this game is so much fun!

Grand Prix Multiplication

What better sport than NASCAR to make you get faster at multiplication?

Primary Arithmetic Games

If you need some help getting your math skills up to scratch, check out these games.

This! Is! Decimal Jeopardy!

Jeopardy meets learning about decimals in this fun and competitive game.

Fraction Eaters

Hungry for knowledge? Well feast your eyes on this fun game!

Drawing Fun Fractions

One of the best ways to learn about fractions is to look at pictures. This game lets you see exactly what `ELLIPSIS~` looks like to make it easier to understand.

Fresh Baked Fractions

Fractions are delicious in this fun and educational math game.

Create a Graph

One of the best ways to understand numbers and what they mean is to put them in a graph. With this fun game, you can do just that!

Fruit Splat Coins Game

Choose how you want to play, fast or slow, and learn about money with this fun game.

Financial Soccer

GOAL! Also, math. Doesn’t get much better than that combination!

Counting Coins Practice

Knowing how to count your money is the first step to knowing what to do with it!

PBS Kids Math Games

Check out these fun math games from the most trusted name in kids educational entertainment.

Math Game Time

Just tell this site what grade your in and let the fun begin!

Math Games for k12 Students

This collection of math games is great for grades 1 through 5.

Card and Dice Games

Card and dice sets can be great learning tools and make for fun learning games.

Math Playground

There are a ton of fun and educational math games to help grade 1 students brush up on their math skills and give their brain a workout.

Math Concentration

Play this game concentration game solo or with a friend.

Fraction Matching

This fraction matching game is customizable and you can adjust its settings as you practice.