What We Can Learn from Three Accounting Debacles

The Enron and Arthur Andersen scandal in 2001 led to the biggest accounting debacle in recent history. The collapse of Enron, though scandalous, holds unique lessons for today’s students and sheds light on how important it is for every company to maintain good accounting practices. As time passes, more debacles arise that perpetuate this lesson. Two recent scandals highlight that there is still much to be learned and applied in the corporate world in terms of accounting best practices. Hewlett-Packard and Autonomy Debacle In 2013, tech giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) took an $8.8 billion hit thanks to its purchase of British […]

Digital Forensics Infographic

Digital forensics has never been more useful than it is today, no thanks to the dramatic rise in cyber-attacks. The need for digital forensic experts continues to grow to keep pace with cybercriminals who take advantage of new technologies. Extracting key evidence from mobile devices and computers can catch criminals before they have the opportunity to do damage. Forensic scientists also help law enforcement authorities catch international hacker groups who hide behind sophisticated programs constantly in flux. Take a closer look how the work is rewarding and exciting, offers job growth potential, and a handsome salary.

The Best-Educated Educators: What You Can Do as a Doctor of Education

Experienced educators like yourself have many choices as to how to grow your career in an industry that continues to evolve with new challenges and rewards. Innovative, collaborative leaders are in high demand, particularly as today’s administrative executives begin to age out of full-time roles and make the transition into retirement. Taking the opportunity to invest in your own education with a terminal degree can make all the difference in reaching your greatest goals for success. Doctor of Education versus Doctor of Philosophy The difference between a Doctor of Education (EdD) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree has everything […]

The Higher Education Leadership Challenge

College administrators may be heartened to learn that the 7% decline in total undergraduate enrollment between 2010 and 2016 appears to be reversing. The National Center for Education Statistics projects that between 2016 and 2027, the total number of students enrolled in undergraduate programs will grow by 3%, from 16.9 million to 17.4 million. Total post-baccalaureate enrollment will increase at the same 3% rate in the period, after increasing by only 1% between 2010 and 2016. This glimmer of hope comes amid growing pressures on higher education leaders from within their universities and diverse outside forces, including the increase of federal oversight, uncertain economic conditions, […]

Emerging Leaders in Higher Education

Both new and established leaders are emerging as innovators who are adding value to their institutions during this time of opportunity and change. Here, we profile three notable individuals gaining national prominence. Dr. Mark Lombardi, President Maryville University As President of Maryville University, Dr. Mark Lombardi has been instrumental in growing the school’s enrollment to 6,500. Double what the student population was just eight years ago. First, Lombardi led a massive recruiting effort at a time when other universities were contracting due to economic pressures. Maryville’s enrollment is now more diverse than ever before, with students from across the globe. […]

Resistance to Change: Higher Education on the Cusp

Many institutions of higher learning are steeped in tradition with decades of history to honor, preserve, and sustain. Layers of bureaucracy and structure have been built in over the years as schools grew in a time where “going to college” meant living on campus, sitting in class, and learning from the book. Other younger universities, while not as rigid in their legacies, continue to operate on the principles of consistency and formality. Across the board, there are significant areas of opportunity where we see strong resistance to change despite overwhelming desire for innovative thinking. A New Digital Divide Many students […]

Current Trends in Higher Education: Three Changes Making a Difference Today

Higher education leaders are facing multiple challenges – and opportunities – in an ever-evolving professional discipline. Changes to how students learn, what they expect, and where they come from are three important factors trending today. Understanding what these changes mean to the bigger picture can help provide the groundwork for strategic growth at your institution of higher learning. Technology As invasive as technology is in our lives as a whole, it is no surprise that the field of higher education is responding with innovations of its own. Online learning, while not a new trend, continues to advance in sophistication and […]

4 Things to Know About Group Dynamics in the Workplace

A sound understanding of group dynamics, and the role it plays in business, is a critical component of successful management. 1. Strong leadership is important within a group This doesn’t mean that a manager needs to bully or strong-arm the team to maintain control. A leader should guide the development of the group and the path to the goal that needs to be reached. They can do this by defining specific roles and responsibilities for members of the group, as well as a timeline for the common project so members can understand their role within the timeline. 2. Recognize how […]

Nursing in the Media

A Look at Nurses in the Media Here you are looking for information on earning your nurse practitioner degree online, only to stumble across another subject that intensifies your passion for nursing … Television Stereotypes From Hot Lips Houlihan on MASH in the 1970’s to the modern Nurse Jackie, nurses are played by women. They are typically the ones who help the male doctors, so they can be the heroes in every episode. It’s 2014 – shouldn’t television catch up with modern times? We know there are ER nurses who work tireless hours in the inner cities of America, patching […]

3 Ways HR Managers Help Businesses Succeed

Today’s human resources managers are integral to the overall business strategy of the company they work for. The recruitment, hiring, training and retention of human capital can have a profound effect on business success. Below are three ways human resources managers can help shape, lead, and protect the present and future of a company. Understand Business Objectives. Human resources managers need to fully understand business goals to plan effectively for the present and future needs of a company. “The executive team should be sharing very specific information with HR such as what resources, capabilities, and skill sets will be needed to […]