9 Essential Steps For Building Your LinkedIn Cybersecurity Profile – And Getting Noticed By Top Companies

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 209,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the United States. Internationally, the numbers are even more staggering. According to the Global Information Security Workforce Study, the shortage of trained and qualified cybersecurity professionals around the world is projected to reach 1.8 million by 2022. Demand in this field is booming for many reasons. Cybersecurity is still an emerging field, and with the rapid digital transformation over the past 20 years, the supply of qualified professionals doesn’t match the increased demand. Technology becomes more advanced each day, which means criminal hackers are constantly […]

The Personality Question

The multiple aspects of human personality are deep rooted and complex. Personality is a product of nature and nurture: who we are genetically, how we were raised, and the experiences that have formed our lives. The way we function in the world is as unique as our own personal DNA. The American Psychological Association defines personality as “individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.” Personality impacts everything we do in our lives, including how we interact with information and others. Both of which have a direct impact on the way we learn. MBTI®, FFM and VARK® Human […]

Using Data and Analysis in Higher Education

For today’s educational leaders, one ongoing challenge is to provide a quality learning experience for students while keeping the price of tuition affordable. As institutional expenditures continue to rise, University and College leadership continue to look for ways to be fiscally efficient, while also providing a positive experience for the student, from enrollment through graduation and beyond. Using the right data, in the right way, can help institutions and leaders keep up with this ongoing challenge.

E-Fencing: Who Does It, What It Is And How To Fight It

A fence specializes in the sale of stolen goods, buying from thieves and selling to (often) unsuspecting buyers at a higher price. E-fencing involves selling stolen goods or information online through marketplaces ranging from mainstream sites such as Ebay or Amazon to gray-area avenues including Craigslist or private social network groups to secret marketplaces on the deep web. Despite the challenges of policing online marketplaces, security experts and web developers are implementing measures that will make selling stolen goods online more difficult. Who Steals What, And How Do They Fence It? Thieves steal to make money, and they quickly learn […]

How to Keep Up With Constantly Changing Cybersecurity Threats

Technology is a consistently evolving field. While this is certainly great for end users who are constantly having their problems solved, those actually working with these tools very often find that it’s difficult to keep up with the latest changes. This is nowhere more apparent than within cybersecurity. Much like other technological fields, hacking innovations don’t come out of nowhere. They build upon previous iterations, trying to improve what worked before and leaving behind what didn’t. In this way, many of today’s threats are both extremely familiar and yet entirely new. Regardless, those working in cybersecurity have a duty to […]

Four ways a business degree can prepare entrepreneurs for economic volatility

Economic volatility is a fact of life – and an omnipresent one for business leaders and managers. With forces like globalization, shifting regulations, evolving tariff and tax laws, surges in supply and demand and technological disruption routinely upending the conventional wisdom that guides many business owners, the reality of economic instability means that all new entrepreneurs are assuming a significant risk by stepping into the fray. The key factor that separates economic volatility from some of the other risk factors that businesses face is that economic volatility takes place on a significantly larger scale and involves drivers that the individual […]

Ethical Hacking and Morality: The Gray Area

Ethical hacking, sometimes known as penetration testing, involves purposeful hacking into a computer network by a qualified data security expert to test for vulnerabilities within a system’s critical infrastructure. A certified penetration tester with the full knowledge of all parties involved is typically under contract to perform the audit. Business, commerce, financial transactions, records, and communication are almost all web- or cloud-based now. Hackers utilize their skills to bypass safety protocols and enter secure networks to install malicious software or steal money, goods, and sensitive information. They can change records, exploit weaknesses, and otherwise wreak havoc on businesses, computer users, […]

Wearable Devices and Securing Your Personal Health Information

Wearable health technology has become wildly popular over the past few years. Fitbit®, Apple®, Samsung®, and Garmin® are a few the 55 different companies that have capitalized on the wearable health device craze. According to ABI Research, a division of Advanced Telematic Systems, by the end of 2018, some 780 million wearable devices will be on the market. People look to these devices to learn about their sleep patterns, calorie intake, blood pressure, heart rate, and glucose levels – while companies such as IBM® and Medtronic® have developed platforms that enable healthcare staffers to get a more comprehensive picture of […]

Maryville University Online Accounting Webinar – Spring 2017

Transcript Rick Garcia: Hello everyone. Welcome to the Maryville University Online Bachelor and Master of Science and Accounting Information Session. Thank you for joining us today. My name is Rick Garcia and I will be your moderator. Just a few things to cover before we begin here. You are in listen-only mode so please keep that in mind. If you have any questions please type your questions into the Q&A box at any time throughout the presentation. We will also be sending you a link for the recording after the conclusion of the presentation today.So what we’ll cover – here is […]

The Keys to a Successful Audit From Start to Finish

If you’re on the path to obtaining your master’s in accounting, you have likely learned the theories, steps and facts associated with performing audits. However, you may be feeling anxious when it comes time to venture into your first real audit. Read on to learn more about making your first solo audit as productive and stress-free as possible: Step #1: Identify the scope and purpose In many cases, you will be provided with the reason behind an audit, whether to ensure compliance with new IRS regulations or to prepare a business for sale. However, part of being a valuable asset in accounting is the ability to pinpoint and […]