Video Game Jobs for Individuals Looking to Earn a Living in the Gaming Industry

In 1972, a wooden box with a screen and two knobs changed the world forever. Pong was a virtual two-dimensional pingpong table with two paddles and a ball that moved back and forth across a dotted line. Gameplay was simple: Let the ball past your paddle and the opponent scored a point; the first player to 11 points won. It began a revolution. Even though it sold only 8,000 units its first year, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, Pong was the first commercially successful example of what we now call video games. Though Atari and Magnavox put out video games during […]

What Is Digital Media? All You Need to Know About This Booming Industry

The word “media” applies to many things in the 21st century, from mass media to news media, and traditional media to the many emerging forms of digital media. While you can likely come up with several different examples –– and almost certainly you take in some form of media in your everyday life –– it can be difficult to succinctly define the word.  It comes from the Latin medius or medium, which means “the middle layer.” Media is an expression that brings some type of information or entertainment from one body to another. Before the advent of the digital age, the most popular […]

The Top Data Science Skills to Develop for Business

“Hey, Siri, Google ‘data science.’” With these five simple words, a selection of pages with the definition of data science immediately appears. This search is just one of the 3.5 billion completed on Google each day. Since its start in 1998, Google has invested time and money into optimizing its algorithms to deliver the most relatable, timely search results for users. Google’s success hinges on the ability of its employees to use their data science skills to help users find the right information. Google is just one company using data science as a competitive advantage. But, for many businesses, applying […]

What Is an Early Intervention Program? Resources and Tips to Get Early Care

In 2016, the medical journal Pediatrics published a study about developmental milestones. Researchers collected data on 599 children, noting when they first learned to stand, crawl, and walk, as well as the cognitive abilities each child displayed by age 4. The results seemed clear: The researchers stated in their report that “the age of achieving motor milestones may be an important basis for various aspects of later child development.” This study added to the wealth of evidence that developmental milestones — particularly motor milestones — are an important part of a child’s growth in the formative years. However, some children […]

Types of Speech and Language Disorders

On the evening of September 3, 1939 — the day the United Kingdom declared war on Germany — King George VI delivered a speech to the people of his country. He began, “In this grave hour, perhaps the most fateful in our history, I send to every household of my peoples, both at home and overseas, this message, spoken with the same depth of feeling for each one of you as if I were able to cross your threshold and speak to you myself.” The speech not only comforted and galvanized a nation but also prompted other political leaders to […]

12 Professional Skills to Excel in the Modern Workforce

Business in the 21st century is increasingly complex and dynamic, shaped by advancements in technology, evolving business models, and the demands of digitally savvy consumers. Professionals across all industries and experience levels must continually sharpen their skills and develop new ones to keep up with changes in the workplace. Career-driven professionals should consider going back to school to advance their knowledge and develop the following 12 hard and soft skills to lead effectively, understand emerging technologies, and excel in a truly global workplace. To learn more, check out the infographic below created by Maryville University. Add This Infographic to Your […]

Athletics by the Numbers: How Can Data Analysts Help with Sports?

For most of Major League Baseball’s existence, there were only a few statistics that writers, managers, and owners cared about: batting average, home runs, and runs batted in (RBI) for players, and wins and earned run average (ERA, or the approximate number of runs allowed every nine innings) for pitchers. They judged the best hitters by how many home runs they slugged and how many runs they drove in, and they determined the best pitchers by how few runs they allowed. That was it, from the early 1900s all the way to the early 2000s. Once front offices brought in […]

Marketing in the 21st Century: How Does Digital Media Affect the Marketing Mix?

A successful product launch is the result of months of work. First, there is product development, an idea sparking a design and then later the final product or service, but that’s only the beginning. Once the product is ready, it takes a skilled marketing team to understand the product’s market, potential customers, and how to reach them. The team also must consider the company’s advertising budget and determine the best way to deploy videos, static advertisements, and other product placement to maximize exposure and returns. Digital media has changed the way that marketing professionals perform their work. Traditional marketing methods […]

Expanding Educational Horizons: Why Get a Doctorate in Education?

Working in a college or university is a dream job for many academics. There, they pass their knowledge along to their students, and in many instances, they can pair teaching with research. Once they’ve earned an advanced degree in a specific discipline and often several years of work experience, they may be able to gain an adjunct, full-time, or even tenure-track position. However, after several years of working as a full-time professor, they might realize they could do even more in a different position in higher education. Department head, admissions director, college administrator, and other roles in higher education all […]

Design in the Digital Age: Must-Have Tools for Graphic Designers

The world of graphic design has changed. Today, a picture taken on a smartphone can provide source material for dozens of graphics. Take the T-shirt business, for example. In the latter half of the 20th century, T-shirt designers spent weeks or months on designs, printing runs for brands they knew would sell and last. Modern designers use pictures, digital drawings, and advanced software to create new designs in hours. Succeeding in graphic design requires more than pure visual creativity and skill. Graphic designers who take advantage of must-have tools will stand out in their field. Read on to learn more […]