Social Analysis of a Pandemic: How COVID-19 Impacted Society

COVID-19 sickened or killed more than 375 million people globally by early 2022, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), but its impact goes beyond that striking figure. The effects of the pandemic touch nearly every facet of society in the United States and abroad, including overall health, the economy, and human behavior. Social analysis reveals that the impact of COVID-19 has been especially pronounced for already vulnerable groups — including people living in poverty, older individuals, people with disabilities, and ethnic minorities. But the pandemic’s implications for health go beyond COVID-19’s initial symptoms to encompass a longer time period […]

Maryville University and Monster Worldwide Reveal New Data on Upskilling and Reskilling Needs In The Workforce

In collaboration with Monster Worldwide, Maryville University is releasing new data from Monster Worldwide’s 2022 Future of Work poll, and a Maryville University poll conducted among active students and pending graduates. Amid the fast paced and ever-changing work environment, upskilling and reskilling to meet the shifting demands of the professional world is top of mind for both employers and employees alike. New insights from polls conducted by both Monster and Maryville illuminate the massive need for significant skill-based learning options for job seekers and employers. To learn more, check out the infographic below created by Maryville University and Monster Worldwide. Upskilling […]

How Long Is an Online Bachelor’s Degree

A college degree is as important as ever. An October 2021 New York Times article reported that, at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, white-collar workers with degrees, many of whom could work remotely, were not only less affected by job loss than other workers, they were in industries that rebounded faster once lockdown measures began to lift. On the other hand, individuals lacking college degrees, especially those working in jobs that require face-to-face interaction with customers such as those in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries, were disproportionately hit by layoffs, furloughs, and underemployment. That point is underscored by […]

Dr. Lombardi at SXSW Edu 2022: Access and Opportunity in Higher Education

His presentation, “Access and Opportunity in Higher Education,” will cover Dr. Lombardi’s vision of a revolutionized higher education model. In a discussion on topics like building stronger communities for students (both on campus and online), leveraging technology that enables them to learn where and how they prefer, and streamlining administrative processes through AI and blockchain, Dr. Lombardi takes more cues from startups and Amazon than from the Ivy League. Throughout the session, Dr. Lombardi will explore a “New University” model post-pandemic, which centers around personalized technology-centric learning services to drive effectiveness and align outcomes with industry and commercial interests. This […]

How to Reenter the Workforce: Moms Going Back to Work

Reentering the workforce after a long absence can be particularly difficult for women who took time off for motherhood. The longstanding challenges that hinder women in the workforce even before they have children are augmented with new issues revolving around getting hired after a long work gap. Because of this, mothers seeking a return to work need to build a solid strategy to overcome these unique roadblocks and get back to work with full confidence. To learn more about how to reenter the workforce, check out the infographic below, created by Maryville University’s online Master of Business Administration program. The […]

Advances, Breakthroughs, and Innovations in Cancer Treatment

For hundreds of years, scientists and researchers have been on the hunt for a cancer cure, making astounding advances in treatment along the way. Expanded clinical trials have helped researchers explore the potential of precision medicine and develop alternatives to chemotherapy for cancer patients. To learn more about advances in cancer treatment, check out the infographic below, created by Maryville University’s online Master of Health Administration. Clinical Trial Improvements Clinical trials are conducted to observe the effects and results of a newly developed drug, surgical procedure, or behavioral intervention. History of Modern Clinical Trials In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed […]

Types of Non-Linear Career Paths

While some people follow linear career paths, others find themselves wanting to change directions throughout their careers. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, 40% of the global workforce was thinking about leaving their jobs in 2021. Even though big career changes can be intimidating and present several challenges, they can also lead to more satisfying work and success. It’s time to reconsider non-linear career paths and what they offer. Linear vs. Non-Linear Career Paths Non-linear careers may begin in one direction, then transition to a different path, sometimes more than once. These shifts typically happen as people make discoveries about […]

Making a Career Change at 30

If the career path that you chose in your early 20s isn’t as satisfying or fulfilling as you thought it would be, it may be time to make a change. Some people who chose a career based on earning potential alone may later find that logging long hours and sacrificing quality of life isn’t worth the six-figure salary. In other instances, people may feel that the line of work they thought would make them happy is less fulfilling than they’d hoped. If you’ve reached a point where you feel your current job no longer aligns with your personal or professional […]

What Is Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning?

When individuals have the courage to recognize their own knowledge gaps and a willingness to broaden their perspectives and embrace changes, they can truly thrive and grow. The world regularly presents situations that require people to learn, unlearn, and relearn. Consider the demands placed on individuals to shift their approaches to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Overnight, office workers had to adapt to virtual communication and workflow management tools, while nurses had to relearn techniques for assessing patients through telehealth. Responding to changes with agility and an open mind enables people to thrive in a constantly shifting world. This involves […]

8 Study Break Ideas That Can Help Boost Your Learning

Numerous benefits are associated with taking study breaks. While some students may feel that cramming or a marathon study session is the best way to prepare for an exam, science says otherwise. Taking breaks not only helps improve concentration but also improves retention. Scheduling small distractions to give your mind a break can help you be more successful. The Benefits of Taking Study Breaks The benefits of taking study breaks aren’t anecdotal — they’re backed by science. In 2021, researchers at the National Institutes of Health announced that taking short breaks is key to learning. Their study reported that wakeful […]