Three Breakthrough Cybersecurity Research Topics

As individuals, corporations, and government agencies increasingly store and transmit digital information, the ability to protect valuable data becomes more crucial. Unfortunately, cyber theft and cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and prolific each year — meaning cybersecurity is more important than ever. Luckily, breakthroughs in cybersecurity are also increasing, which allows organizations to stay one step ahead of those who attempt to commit cyber crimes. Individuals who wish to become part of the workforce addressing digital and internet threats by earning a bachelor’s in cybersecurity online should be aware of prominent cybersecurity research topics. Here are two recent breakthroughs in cybersecurity, as well as a detailed infographic that delves into the complexity of […]

Importance of Cyber Security

With so much of our daily lives conducted online these days, it’s astounding that the issue of cyber security is not more discussed. Only occasionally does the issue come up in national consciousness, usually during a celebrity photo leak or a breach of political security. However, common cyber crime is much more prevalent than these occasional headlines suggest. Every day, cyber criminals victimize people who shop, bank and send or receive money online. And the sad truth is that few of these criminals can be described as experts or masterminds. The lack of awareness about cyber security makes most people […]

Industries Still Lagging Behind in Cyber Security

With the increased threat of cyber crimes, industries across the country are becoming more aware of the need to increase cyber security efficiency. While some are making large steps to become more secure, there are still large industries lagging behind. By gaining an understanding of the ever increasing threat, there is hope for improvement in the years to come. United States Government After a major security breach last year in the Office of Personnel Management, the United States Government is doing its best to increase cyber security. Despite improvements, a new report from risk assessors SecurityScorecard shows the government still […]

Top Industries Serving as Models for Cybersecurity

The global threat of cyber hacking is on the rise. A quick internet search reveals the many industries that have been recently threatened by systems breaches, from universities to automakers and even the IRS. The energy company BP reports that it receives over 50,000 attempts at cyber intrusion every day, while the Pentagon reports it receives 10 million each day. It is no longer a matter of “if” your company will be attacked, but when. While many industries are struggling to keep their data safe from cyber attacks, the finance and retail industries have received the highest marks when it […]

Where Can Your Master’s in Cybersecurity Take You?

Other than a few “mom and pop” stores here and there, almost all businesses are now online, which means their data systems are potentially at risk for cyber attacks. With more and more cyber attacks on businesses each year, companies are making significant investments by hiring in cybersecurity experts who can keep their systems safe. What follows are just a few of the careers in this thriving field, along with their average starting salaries. Cybersecurity Analyst According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security analyst jobs are projected to increase by 37% through 2022. Cybersecurity analysts are in […]

Two Technologies Changing Cyber Security

As individuals, corporations and government agencies increasingly store and transmit digital information, the ability to protect this valuable data becomes more important. Unfortunately, cyber theft and cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and prolific each year meaning cyber security is more important than ever. Luckily, breakthroughs in cyber security are also happening at an increasing rate, which allows these organizations to stay one step ahead of those who attempt to commit cyber crimes. Single Photon Generation A research team at the University of Sydney has solved an issue that could cause a major breakthrough in the way information is transmitted, […]