Current Trends in Higher Education: Three Changes Making a Difference Today

Higher education leaders are facing multiple challenges – and opportunities – in an ever-evolving professional discipline. Changes to how students learn, what they expect, and where they come from are three important factors trending today. Understanding what these changes mean to the bigger picture can help provide the groundwork for strategic growth at your institution of higher learning. Technology As invasive as technology is in our lives as a whole, it is no surprise that the field of higher education is responding with innovations of its own. Online learning, while not a new trend, continues to advance in sophistication and […]

4 Things to Know About Group Dynamics in the Workplace

A sound understanding of group dynamics, and the role it plays in business, is a critical component of successful management. 1. Strong leadership is important within a group This doesn’t mean that a manager needs to bully or strong-arm the team to maintain control. A leader should guide the development of the group and the path to the goal that needs to be reached. They can do this by defining specific roles and responsibilities for members of the group, as well as a timeline for the common project so members can understand their role within the timeline. 2. Recognize how […]

Nursing in the Media

A Look at Nurses in the Media Here you are looking for information on earning your nurse practitioner degree online, only to stumble across another subject that intensifies your passion for nursing … Television Stereotypes From Hot Lips Houlihan on MASH in the 1970’s to the modern Nurse Jackie, nurses are played by women. They are typically the ones who help the male doctors, so they can be the heroes in every episode. It’s 2014 – shouldn’t television catch up with modern times? We know there are ER nurses who work tireless hours in the inner cities of America, patching […]

3 Ways HR Managers Help Businesses Succeed

Today’s human resources managers are integral to the overall business strategy of the company they work for. The recruitment, hiring, training and retention of human capital can have a profound effect on business success. Below are three ways human resources managers can help shape, lead, and protect the present and future of a company. Understand Business Objectives. Human resources managers need to fully understand business goals to plan effectively for the present and future needs of a company. “The executive team should be sharing very specific information with HR such as what resources, capabilities, and skill sets will be needed to […]

A New Age of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is a constantly evolving landscape. New/shifting influences, technologies, and priorities continuously push those involved in supply chain logistics to reshape and adapt. What are some of the forces shaping the new age of supply chain management? Sustainability Sustainable logistics within supply chains are poised to go from “nice to have” to “required to have,” as the world’s population continues to expand rapidly, intensifying the burden on resources. As the social and political focus on corporate environmental responsibility continues to grow, so does the overall understanding of a product’s total environmental impact. Previous focus “has been on […]

A Call for Health Promotion for Nurses

Studies have shown a direct link between staff wellbeing and patient care. Where staff wellbeing is greater, patient experience also increases. Explore why this happens, how we can work to improve the wellbeing of our nurses, and how you can take steps to improve your overall health while completing a nurse practitioner degree in the infographic below.

Successful Organizations Recognize the Importance of Change Management

No matter what type of organization one is leading, it’s essential to understand the importance of change management. This is especially true in 2021, as it has become the norm for businesses to remain in a state of constant change to remain competitive. From stock market ups and downs to political squabbles and environmental shifts, there are countless factors that impact businesses every day. The continued effects of COVID-19 have also revealed just how quickly a revenue model can be turned upside down. Movie theaters are struggling amidst the pandemic, as new films are now being premiered online through various streaming services. Education has also […]

Why Location and Relationship Will Be Marketing Buzzwords in 2016

In an age where consumers can do almost anything from the smartphones in their back pockets, marketing campaigns are quickly becoming concentrated on mobile platforms. Companies that can quickly adapt to the evolving consumer expectations will push ahead of competitors and be viewed as leaders, while those who can’t or won’t keep up risk losing their share of the market. With the demand for mobile-centric campaigns at the forefront of marketing in 2016, “Location” and “Relationship” will be industry buzzwords that cannot be ignored. Location Based Marketing (LBM) The location based data delivered by consumers’ smartphones and wearable devices provides […]

3 Valuable Business Skills Changing Health Care

The leaders shaping the business of health care today and in the future need much more than an understanding of industry practices and principals. Constantly changing forces including technology, rising population, government policy, and evolving consumer demand require administrators that are able to make skilled business decisions. Leaders with an MBA are uniquely qualified for these roles, possessing the business skills needed to thrive in the constantly shifting landscape of the health care field. Here is an overview of 3 valuable business skills changing health care now. 1. Communication Communication within health care administration has moved away from face-to-face meetings/interactions, […]

How to Navigate Organizational Change

One of the most valuable lessons that an organizational leadership degree covers is effective change management. After all, large scale change is something that almost every business contends with. In our new infographic, we’ll show you how to navigate the risks and maximize the rewards of organizational change.