Digital Communication Essentials for Boosting Organizational and Personal Brands

Digital communication is crucial to branding in today’s internet landscape. Before the digital age, communications professionals had to navigate print media, TV, radio, and billboard advertising. While those channels are still important, current professionals must be well-versed in digital platforms, such as social networks, email, messaging apps, and blogs. According to the UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, the majority of the world’s population now has access to the internet, and that percentage continues to grow. In 2019, 54.8% of all global households had internet access, and brands are doubling down on strategies to engage with those users. Harvard Business […]

Big Data and Data Mining: The Role Data Mining Plays in Big Data

Digital technology makes it easier than ever to gather data about people and their behaviors. When people enroll in customer loyalty programs at grocery stores, for example, they benefit by saving money. The stores also benefit, however: Every time customers make a purchase and swipe their loyalty cards, the stores digitally record the products they buy. The stores can also see what products customers are interested in by tracking the links they click in loyalty program emails. The stores can then target future marketing accordingly. If a customer always buys a certain laundry detergent, for example, the store may send […]

Inspiring a Love for Numbers: Qualities of a Good Math Teacher

A middle school class is struggling with percentages and adding decimals. The teacher has tried explaining the concept in different ways, such as modeling it and using tools in class to demonstrate it visually, with limited success. The next step in explaining these complex ideas is making the concept relevant to the real world, so the teacher plans a field trip to a local restaurant. The students enjoy a meal together, and then the learning happens. When the bills arrive, the teacher explains how to calculate a tip in percentages, and then the students practice calculating their own tips and […]

A Guide to Corporate Wellness Programs: Why Employee Health Matters

Corporate wellness is no longer a semi-obscure benefit offered by a small percentage of companies. According to a study backed by Rand Corp. and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 80% of businesses with more than 50 employees feature a benefit linked to corporate wellness. These benefits are not just employee perks. Corporate wellness programs can help reduce absenteeism and increase production and employee well-being. They can also deliver a positive impact on various aspects of a business’s bottom line, such as its medical costs. For instance, wellness programs implemented at the Los Alamos National Laboratory have reduced […]

Workforce Trends of Today and Tomorrow: A Changing Landscape

For those entering the workforce, or thinking about a career change, there’s a hum of excitement at the beginning of the year. After all, it’s when companies tend to do much of their hiring. More than that, the new year brings with it the sense of possibility and the chance to make major life changes. As we enter 2020, it’s hard not to be dazzled by the changes happening in the professional landscape. The healthcare sector, for example, continues to incorporate cutting-edge technology to help meet the needs of aging Americans – a growing demographic that will require more nursing […]

Guide to Keeping Your Kids Secure Online

When it comes to protecting children from danger, parents want to do whatever they can to reduce their chances of falling victim to online predators. According to Kids Live Safe, the number of reports of online sexual predators has more than doubled, with more than 82% of online sex crimes originating from social networking sites. To learn more, check out the infographic below created by Maryville University. Children’s Access to the Internet Age range of children who access the internet at home The age at which children have at-home internet access practically redefines the concept of “early adapters.” The fact that 94% of those between 3 and 18 years old have internet access at home isn’t troubling on its own. However, unmonitored access can be a cause […]

Learn Key Programming Languages for Software Development

Every computer program, web application, and smartphone app has a creative mind behind it. Students who want to learn about new technologies, create solutions to users’ problems, and work on a wide range of projects may be drawn to software development. From coding websites and optimizing the user experience to developing smartphone games, there are a variety of jobs available in this field. The demand for software developers likely will continue to rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the proliferation of new smartphone and tablet apps will lead to a greater need for qualified developers, with […]

Attending a University in the Midwest

Postsecondary education doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It’s an experience: sunny afternoons reading literature on the campus lawn, brisk evenings cheering along with fellow sports fanatics, and weekends spent with new friends exploring the local scenery. Or perhaps it’s diving into a challenging, engaging, and spirited debate with your classmates and your professor, developing the communications skills and knowledge you’ll need as a working professional — all done from your local coffee shop or living room, thanks to innovative online education opportunities. The right mix of cultural and social experiences alongside nationally recognized, specialized programs may be found in […]

What Is Copywriting in Marketing?

When many people think of the athletic brand Nike, two things come to mind: the brand’s “swoosh” symbol, designed to evoke the wings of the Greek goddess the company is named for, and “Just Do It.” Those three short words are impossible to say without conjuring the company that’s existed for just 56 years. The slogan, coined in 1988 by advertising executive Dan Wieden, immediately became synonymous with the company that began as a running shoe business and now dominates the athletics industry. With stars from Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to Roger Federer and Bo Jackson all appearing in […]

Exploring Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business

Launching a business takes time and effort, but self-motivated entrepreneurs are capable of transforming a small idea into a lucrative operation. Facebook serves as an excellent example. In early 2004, Mark Zuckerberg began to work on a dorm room project, aimed at providing Harvard students with a way to share photographs and personal information. The website Zuckerberg launched as a hobby is now the largest social media network in the world. Who Are Entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs are people who find opportunities to create demand and make money off a concept or idea that enriches life or fulfills a need. For example, […]