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Building Your Resume as a College Student

Having an impressive resume can open doors to a great internship or a dream career. Finding relatable skills and tons of experience that would “wow” any resume reviewer can be difficult. This is especially difficult for college students who haven’t had the chance to gain experience in their desired field yet. Most students enter college without having any prior part-time job experience, clubs, or high grade point averages in high school. Coming into college with little to no experience is not a bad thing as there are many opportunities throughout the college years to vamp up your resume and make it look more appealing to future reviewers.

No Experience? No Problem

Finding an internship before the end of your college years may be one of the best ways to gain experience before applying for jobs. An internship gives you an opportunity to gain real-life experience in your desired field or a different field before settling into a career. It also gives you the chance to try out various industries to see what your likes and dislikes are. Some college internships can even be counted as class credit or even a paid internship. When you’re not attending classes or studying, you could make use of your free time by getting a part-time job. It will give you the work experience and skills to put on your resume that you can apply to positions in your future. Fir example, working as a cashier in retail would give you great customer service skills if you wanted to go in the sales industry. It will also supply you with extra money for spending or to apply to your school loans to pay them off quicker. Joining clubs on campus is a great way to be noticed as well. Listing different clubs that you took part in on your resume will show future reviewers what you are passionate about or hobbies you like to do for fun. Being involved in multiple clubs while in school also demonstrates that you have great time management skills and the ability to multi-task your studies and having fun. Volunteering for causes that you feel strongly about is also a great way to show a future employer who you are and enhance your individuality when listed on a resume.

Use Your Resources

Once you think you have enough good qualities and experience to put together a great resume, use your resources to help you perfect it. Talk to professionals in your desired industry to see what the hiring managers look for in a candidate and what should be on an ideal resume for that position or field. Most college’s also have a career center where they will give you tips and critique your resume to make it look and sound more appealing. They might also have some ideas on where to look for part-time jobs, volunteering opportunities, and college clubs that meet on campus. Another place you can look to for help is the internet. Searching sample resumes in your desired field can help you brainstorm ideas and using sites such as LinkedIn may help you with suggestions as well.

Resume Writing Tips and Techniques