Where Can Your Master’s in Cybersecurity Take You?

Other than a few “mom and pop” stores here and there, almost all businesses are now online, which means their data systems are potentially at risk for cyber attacks. With more and more cyber attacks on businesses each year, companies are making significant investments by hiring in cybersecurity experts who can keep their systems safe. What follows are just a few of the careers in this thriving field, along with their average starting salaries.

Cybersecurity Analyst

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security analyst jobs are projected to increase by 37% through 2022. Cybersecurity analysts are in high demand, as more and more large businesses recognize the need for constant monitoring of their computer systems to avoid such attacks.

There is a range of fields in which cybersecurity analysts can work, from education to hospitals, law firms and governmental organizations.

The average salary for cybersecurity analysts is about $70,000 per year. With a master’s degree, salaries can increase to well over $100,000.

Systems Development

Systems developers create and maintain computer systems while testing both software and hardware. This highly technical field, in which both computer science and mathematics are often used, includes responsibilities such as designing and writing software programs, testing programs and evaluating systems.

Professionals in this field work closely with IT teams, systems analysts and designers and jobs in this field require high levels of concentration and the ability to work long hours investigating computer programs.

The average systems developer salary is about $92,000 per year.

Firewall Engineer

Firewalls are computer programs used to control which external sources are able to communicate with a network. Firewall engineers build and test these firewalls to prevent hackers from infiltrating the network of a business or organization. By monitoring and analyzing firewalls, these engineers keep networks running smoothly and ensure software and information is not compromised.

By working with and teaching users of a network what activities are safe and unsafe, a firewall engineer can reduce the risk of an employee compromising a system. In addition to software maintenance, firewall engineers spend a good amount of time educating the employees of a company on how to best use their computers so they don’t compromise the security of a system or network.

The national average salary of a firewall engineer is about $68,000 per year.

There has never been a better time to get a master’s degree in cybersecurity. Getting your degree in cybersecurity gives you the chance to get your career off to a solid, well-compensated start.


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