Bachelor of Science in Accounting



Careers for BS Accounting Grads

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for accounting professionals looks promising as the number of jobs available is expected to increase by 11% by 2024, which is faster than the average. The average salary is $67,190 (as of May 2015).

Careers for BS Accounting Grads

Equipped with your Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting Degree, the following jobs could be available to you:

Most public accountants become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

  • The license is provided by the individual state Board of Accountancy
  • Licensure is granted when the CPA exam is passed and certain requirements have been met

Clients include:

  • Private Entities
  • Governments
  • Corporations

Tasks include:

  • Accounting, auditing, consulting, and tax
    • By law, financial documents have to be disclosed by clients
      • E.g. Corporations have to provide balance sheet statements and tax forms to potential investors
    • Specialization in a certain area, such as tax, is possible
      • E.g. Act as an advisor to companies, supervising business decisions and advising on tax implications
      • Help prepare individual tax returns

You could work for:

  • Yourself as an independent business owner
  • A public accounting firm
    • Publicly traded companies require signed documents (by a CPA) that are submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC

    • Including quarterly and annual reports
  • Forensic accounting
  • Responsible for investigating financial crimes
  • E.g. embezzlement, securities fraud, contract disputes, bankruptcies and other potential financial transactions of a criminal nature
  • A forensic accountant combines their investigative techniques with
    their knowledge of the law and accounting
  • Most of these roles involve working closely with lawyers and
    law enforcement personnel
  • Some appear in court trials as an expert witness