Maryville student positions herself to meet new IT threats and challenges

Armanie Zamy

Online Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity, 2021

The concepts of geopolitical intrigue and cyberwarfare can create a mental image that plays out like a blockbuster action film. While the reality may be a little less cinematic, Maryville student Armanie Zamy will soon have an opportunity to gather her own intelligence on the matter thanks to the highly coveted Foreign Affairs Information Technology (FAIT) Fellowship.

“I really enjoy coding,” Armanie says. “I learned Java when I was young, and about two years ago I realized that I enjoyed solving problems that have to do with computers and setting up network infrastructure.”

Armanie began her studies with a focus on cybersecurity through international affairs. But upon realizing she could make a bigger impact behind a keyboard rather than through policy and diplomacy, she decided to focus solely on the technical and investigative aspect.

“I don’t want to just work with computers,” she says. “I want to handle crimes that have been done with computers and focus on solving those. I didn’t really have much of a technical background until I entered the online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program at Maryville.”

Finding the right program to suit her needs

Wanting more than what her previous school offered, Armanie was looking to transfer to a BS in Cybersecurity program with a solid reputation. She began an internet search for one that matched her interests and would help prepare her for the future.

“That’s how I found Maryville,” Armanie says. “It just hooked me, so I applied right away. And because the cybersecurity program is online, it gave me the flexibility to balance full-time work with my studies.”

Because the cybersecurity program is online, it gave me the flexibility to balance full-time work with my studies.

Learning from the past to help create a brighter future

Armanie enjoys her coursework, which is proof that she made the right decision for both her education and career. “It almost feels like a video game,” Armanie says. “And I’m gaining additional points the more I read and with the courses I take. It’s like I’m powering up, and it’s really exciting.”

But while there are several female students in her classes, Armanie found that in the workplace there’s still a lack of diversity.

“When I started as a network administrator, I was the only woman in the IT department,” she says. “But I’ve been lucky to be around people who saw my skills first and treated me as an equal.”

As a foreign service officer, Armanie’s career may take her to the farthest corners of the globe as a strong line of defense against cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism. But stepping into the unknown takes courage and commitment — characteristics that she has already shown.

“I once believed that transferring universities was one of my biggest failures,” Armanie says. “But I kept pushing forward, and turns out, I’m here now and probably much better off. I had to be brave. And being brave is about accepting your mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward — no matter what.”

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