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Today’s global economy has increased the demand for workers who are well-versed in subjects like diplomacy, trade, politics, and international markets. One way to gain this knowledge is by earning an online degree in international studies. This degree can help you prepare for rewarding careers in diverse fields like journalism, business, law, government, and international aid.

Your international studies degree can provide you with an exciting chance to learn how cultures, global issues, and international relations shape our world. With opportunities to study abroad, learn new languages, and build your appreciation of multiple cultures, this degree program opens the door to a world of possibilities.

Maryville University Online BA in International Studies Curriculum

Maryville’s online Bachelor of Arts in International Studies program comprises 128 credit hours and includes coursework in general education, the international studies major, and electives. International Studies major courses are designed to help you develop a comprehensive worldview as you explore topics in global culture, history, economics, politics, art, music, and literature.

International Studies Core

One of the following: COMM 422 Global Communication OR INTL 495 Internship.

INTL 101Introduction to International and Global Studies3 Credits
INTL 350International and Global Issues3 Credits
INTL 498International Studies Capstone3 Credits
COMM 422Global Communication3 Credits
INTL 495Internship3 Credits

World Art/Music

Choose one course.

ADAH 100World Arts and Ideas I3 Credits
ADAH 150World Arts and Ideas II3 Credits
MUS 316World Music3 Credits

World Literature

Choose one course.

ENGL 357World Literature I: The Dawn of Story3 Credits
ENGL 358World Literature II: The Modern Mind3 Credits

World Culture

Choose one course.

HUM 204Intercultural Studies3 Credits
REL 465Comparative Religion & Culture3 Credits

World History

Choose one course.

HIST 131World History to 15003 Credits
HIST 132World History since 15003 Credits

World Economics

ECON 203Principles of Economics3 Credits

World Politics

Choose one course.

PSCI 102Introduction to World Politics3 Credits
PSCI 308Comparative Politics3 Credits

World Language

We currently only offer Spanish online, however, students may transfer in French, German, Arabic, etc. Please note that Spanish is not required, it is just the only option that we currently have online.

SPAN 101Foreign Language I3 Credits
SPAN 102Foreign Language II3 Credits
SPAN 201Foreign Language III3 Credits
SPAN 202Foreign Language IV3 Credits

To ensure the best possible educational experience for our students, we may update our curriculum to reflect emerging and changing employer and industry trends. Undergraduate programs and certificates are designed to be taken at a part-time pace. Please speak to your advisor for more details.

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What skills and competencies are taught in an international studies degree?

Your online international studies curriculum can help you learn valuable skills to build your international and cultural awareness, including:

  • Cross-cultural skills. The world has gone global, and that means bringing a robust set of cross-cultural skills to the table. When you earn your online international studies degree, you can gain an appreciation for and understanding of a wide array of backgrounds and learn how to navigate international relationships. You can then take your online classroom knowledge to the real world through experiential learning opportunities.
  • Leadership. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 80% of the world’s purchasing power and 92% of its economic growth lie outside of the United States. Foreign trade regulations and activities affect the lives of 41 million Americans. Because our world is so interconnected, strong leaders must step forward to continue to guide global progress. Many businesses and organizations coordinate with worldwide markets and economies, and a B.A. in International Studies can help you to become a leader in problem-solving and analysis.
  • Understanding of current global issues. International studies experts expect topics like foreign policy, immigration, trade, environment, and national security to remain at the forefront of political conversations for the foreseeable future. The outcomes of these conversations impact global markets and economies. When earning your international studies degree, you can gain insight into current global issues and how they impact the political climate of today and beyond.
  • Knowledge of international politics, social policy, and culture. Your international studies curriculum can give you the opportunity to explore the traditions, languages, beliefs, and political systems of different cultures. By doing so, you can expand your knowledge of how these characteristics influence international relations, policy, trade agreements, market share, and pop culture.

What international studies courses can I expect to find in my online bachelor’s program?

An international studies curriculum includes courses designed to enhance your perspective, allowing for a broader, more global mindset that you can apply across a number of careers and industries. Here are some classes you will have the option of taking:

  • Introduction to International and Global Studies. By examining history, literature, politics, economics, and societies from around the world, this course gives an overview of the interdisciplinary character of international studies. Analyze themes and trends in current international relations and global affairs, and see how they relate to and affect everyday life.
  • World Arts and Ideas. These courses are intended to provide a historical survey of art from prehistoric times to the modern era. Develop an increased understanding of the belief systems of various cultures and the events that shaped them, interpreted through the lens of artistic expression.
  • Intercultural Studies. Evaluating and interpreting current affairs with open-mindedness requires an understanding of the different cultures influencing issues throughout our global society. If you choose to take this course, you’ll explore a variety of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cultures with the goal of helping you understand foreign histories, values, motives, and belief systems.
  • World Politics. This course lays the foundation for your understanding of the global political situation. In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about subjects like world geography, characteristics of the global system of states in anarchy, causes of war, international treaties, and foreign policy.

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If you’re looking for a career that has a global impact, a bachelor’s degree in international studies is an excellent first step.

At Maryville University, our online degree program was built to help you gain important insights, broaden your perspective, and develop potentially world-changing solutions to current issues. And while our online program means you can earn your degree from the comfort of home, you aren’t limited to your desk. Through optional study abroad, virtual study abroad, and internship opportunities, you’re able to put your studies into real-world practice.

Our online international studies curriculum can prepare you to pursue a rewarding global career. Learn more about our online Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, and see how you can make an impact in today’s interconnected world.