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Communicate solutions to real-world problems and explore the significance of storytelling with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English.

At Maryville University, our online English B.A. curriculum is designed to help you learn to analyze literature, persuade through rhetoric, tell compelling stories, think critically, and apply your creativity to the written word.

Many employers value graduates of English degree programs because they tend to be effective communicators, making them well-suited for potential jobs in sectors such as advertising, education, marketing, publishing, technology, public relations, and law.

Maryville University Online BA in English Curriculum

Maryville’s online Bachelor of Arts in English comprises 128 credit hours and includes coursework in general education, your English major, your minor, and general electives. Students also complete a capstone project and an internship.

English Major Courses

ENGL 101Writing Across the Disciplines I: Rhetorical Situations3 Credits
ENGL 104Writing Across the Disciplines II: Research and Argument3 Credits
ENGL 108Multicultural Voices in American Literature3 Credits
ENGL 118Literary Forms: Fable to Film3 Credits
ENGL 307Advanced Creative Writing3 Credits
ENGL 319Survey of Women's Lit3 Credits
ENGL 321Shakespeare3 Credits
ENGL 336African American Literature, Music, and Protest3 Credits
ENGL 356World Mythology3 Credits
ENGL 357World Literature I: The Dawn of Story3 Credits
ENGL 358World Literature II: The Modern Mind3 Credits
ENGL 370History of Western Theatre3 Credits

English Core Courses

ENGL 205Writing About Literature3 Credits
ENGL 316Grendel to Gutenberg: English Literature I3 Credits
ENGL 317Gulliver to Google: English Literature II3 Credits
ENGL 312History of Literary Criticism3 Credits
ENGL 499Internship3 Credits

To ensure the best possible educational experience for our students, we may update our curriculum to reflect emerging and changing employer and industry trends. Undergraduate programs and certificates are designed to be taken at a part-time pace. Please speak to your advisor for more details.

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What are some common skills and competencies gained through an English B.A. curriculum?

Bachelor’s degree programs in English can help you develop important skills that are applicable to a wide range of fields. These include:

  • Understanding of how classical and contemporary literature impacts our lives. The B.A. in English curriculum covers a breadth of authors spanning centuries and civilizations around the world. When you study English, you can gain familiarity with important writers and works of literature. By uncovering the works’ historical, social, and cultural context and significance, you can gain an expansive understanding of how literature has influenced our society. This skill can then be used to analyze the possible impact of modern works.
  • Creative application. When you earn your English degree, your curriculum won’t just immerse you in other authors’ creativity — it can inspire you to apply your own. Develop your original ideas, support them through research and analysis, and argue them persuasively. Skills surrounding creativity and creative application are important in a number of professions like law, advertising, marketing, and public relations.
  • Rhetoric and composition. Through the study of the craft of writing, you can become an eloquent communicator. In your coursework, you can discover how to write persuasive documents, leverage rhetorical devices, and structure compelling arguments. This ability is prized by many employers, who rely on graduates with English degrees to strengthen their organization’s communication, both internally and externally.
  • Creative, technical, and professional writing ability. Within an English bachelor’s degree program, you generally will have the opportunity to flex your writing muscles for a variety of purposes. While some courses will teach the craft of writing creatively to develop compelling stories, articles, and literature, others will teach professional writing skills used in businesses across a variety of industries.

What are some courses I can expect in my bachelor’s in English curriculum?

When you pursue your online English degree through Maryville University, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on areas you’re passionate about. As part of your curriculum, you can take part in the following classes, among others:

  • Writing for Rhetorical Situations. Strengthen your writing skills by deepening your understanding of grammar and sentence structure. In addition, explore composition and rhetoric and how to apply both in real-world scenarios. These in-demand skills can serve you well in any number of career paths.
  • Writing for Research and Argument. Courses in research and argumentative essays can teach you to craft clear, persuasive written communication that drives home a particular point of view. Through your English curriculum, you can elevate your existing skills by practicing persuasive writing techniques and grounding your stance in research. This requires an understanding of how to find, evaluate, and select reliable research sources, as well as how to cite and refer to them.
  • Multicultural Voices in American Literature. American literature reflects the diversity of the nation as a whole, and our English B.A. curriculum features a course that focuses on the artistic contributions of minority groups. That means you have the ability to expose yourself to important literary works penned by Americans of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Native American, Chinese, Japanese, and African descent or heritage. Through your studies, discover how diverse heritages and cultures influence literature and storytelling.
  • World Literature. Courses in world literature can take you across the globe and through history. Because of this, we offer two world literature courses that span multiple eras across the continents. In World Lit I, readings begin with the earliest pieces of world literature, drawing from ancient and classical works through the 17th century. In World Lit II, you can explore the development of modernity through literature from the 18th century to the present. Texts include religious tomes, novels, plays, poetry, and essays, among others.
  • Advanced Creative Writing. Through our creative writing course, you can step into the role of a great writer to tell your own story. Undertake projects in fiction, poetry, memoir writing, and more to discover which strategies and techniques make writing more effective, clear, and meaningful.

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If you’re excited by the prospect of stretching your creative writing skills and developing valuable communication skills, consider a Bachelor of Arts in English. At Maryville University, the curriculum of our English bachelor’s degree program is designed to push you to develop critical professional skills in writing, creativity, communication, analysis, research, and more.

Our online bachelor’s in English can provide you with skills that prepare you for a bright and rewarding future. Learn more about our online Bachelor of Arts in English and begin your journey today.