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How Nurses Can Use Social Media to Connect & Learn


Leverage Social Media to Grow & Advance Your Career

Nurses, like all other professionals, can benefit from having a strong online presence. It is easy to network with your peers, look for career opportunities, connect with potential employers, and find new educational programs. Let’s take a look at your social networking options and how you can use them to your advantage:


An increasing number of hospitals and health systems are creating career-specific Facebook pages to help their organization connect with talented professionals who might want to join their workforce. Once you “like” their page, you will get updates just like you do from your other Facebook friends. You can also participate in their discussions and ask questions of their recruiters. Employers will also use Facebook to promote hiring events, virtual chats and other special events.


As a purely professional social community, LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to create your profile and build your network of colleagues, former coworkers, and new contacts. You can follow individuals, healthcare companies and universities, and join groups dedicated to nursing and your specialty practice. Like Facebook, LinkedIn also allows users to post articles of interest to their profession. This is an excellent way to gain visibility as an active member of the nursing community who is current with all the latest trends, technologies and regulations. There is also a feature where you can post a 140 character message that will also be duplicated on your Twitter account.


Twitter has also caught on with hospitals and health systems that are using the tool to keep in front of their customers and potential job applicants. You can follow anyone or any company you want on Twitter as well, and build a following of your own. As with Facebook, you want to maintain a level of professionalism with all of your posts and discussions.

Forums & More

There are a number of nursing forums that you can contribute to, along with many nurses-only social networks. While these online communities are not as large, you will get more targeted information and advice than you will with the social media giants. You can also join hospital-specific “talent communities” to receive updates on jobs and more. Tech-savvy healthcare employers will have a link from their career pages for you to opt-in for periodic communication about jobs that match your skill sets, virtual hiring events, open houses, and other important news.

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