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4 In Demand Jobs for Nurses with an Advanced Degree or Nurse Practitioners

When people think of nurses at work, they usually imagine the abundance of nurses needed to keep a hospital running, or the nurses who work in their family doctor’s office. However, an advanced nursing degree provides so much more versatility than those two standard options of patient care. If you’re a nurse and interested in a job beyond the typical, so many possibilities exist for you. Take a look at these four, and branch out with your career.

Adult Gerontology

Nurses who work in adult gerontology, specifically Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (AGNP for short) specialize in working with adults, from adolescents to the elderly. AGNPs are qualified to work in a host of settings, from clinics to nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers to private practices. Adult Gerontology focuses on patient-care of the highest caliber for the aging population, including disease prevention, wellness, chronic condition management, and diagnostics. Nurse practitioners provide wholistic care, are licensed to prescribe medication, give physical exams, and both order and read tests like X-Rays.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Work with attorneys on medical cases and apply your unique knowledge of the healthcare system. Evaluate standards of care to assess the causes and implications of each case. Nurse Legal Consultants often work with lawyers to unravel the complications in a medical case, and sometimes testify as expert witnesses when cases go to trial. This job will change with each case.  Working in the legal sector requires someone who can handle stress and as an expert witness,  and keep a cool head during cross-examination.

Public Health Nurse

If you love being involved in the community and educating people about health safety practices, public health nurse could be a good fit for you. Not only will you be putting together plans to help eliminate health concerns and educate the public about them, you’ll also aid in disaster relief and disaster preparation. You might work in a government health department, a public health clinic, a school, or a private business.

Travel Nurse

A sense of adventure and a strong wanderlust are essential for travel nurses. If you’ve always wanted to see more of the world and help people along the way, think about going into this branch of nursing. Travel nurses receive assignments of varying duration (a few weeks to several months) that take them all over the United States.

Although traveling throughout the country is very exciting, it’s important to weigh whether or not your current life and living situation are compatible with the constant change this career choice entails. Travel nursing is best for nurses who won’t be leaving a family behind, especially not small children who would miss their mother or father being gone for long periods of time.

These four career options are just a few of the many and diverse options available to someone with an advanced nursing degree .  Providing care, educating others on health and well-being, or advising or taking action to impact policy, can all be rewarding.  Whatever path is right for you, furthering your education can help you get there.