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Online BS in Senior Living Management Curriculum

Redefine senior living and help an aging population make the most out of life as expectations for senior care evolve. Careers that focus on providing modern care for seniors can provide you a rewarding path in a fast-growing field.

As Americans continue to live longer, they want more out of life. When you earn your online degree in senior living management, you can help ensure that organizations designed to help the senior population are safe and accessible, and that they provide the enriching experience today’s seniors demand. In a management position, you can help ensure the security, dignity, and wellbeing of clients and patients as they enter a new, exciting chapter of their lives.

Senior living facilities are seeking compassionate professionals who help an increasingly active aging population live with purpose. By enrolling in a web-based bachelor’s in senior living management program, you can take online assisted living administrator courses that prepare you for a fulfilling career in this growing field.

Maryville University Online BS in Senior Living Management Curriculum

Maryville’s online Bachelor of Science in Senior Living Management comprises 128 credit hours and includes coursework in general education, the senior living management major, and general electives.

Healthcare Management Core

HCPM 100Introduction to Healthcare Industry and Management3 Credits
HCPM 102Healthcare Operations3 Credits
HCPM 210Professionalism & Communications in the Healthcare Setting3 Credits
HCPM 230Healthcare Human Resource Management3 Credits
HCPM 331Quality and Compliance3 Credits
HCPM 341Revenue Cycle Management3 Credits
HCPM 360Healthcare Informatics3 Credits
HCPM 451Medical Law and Risk Management3 Credits
HCPM 455Financial Management in Healthcare3 Credits
HCPM 456Patient Partnership & Population Health Management3 Credits
HCPM 460Public Health3 Credits

Senior Living Management Major Courses

SRLM 150Introduction to Gerontology3 Credits
SRLM 197Aging and Physiological Adaptation3 Credits
SRLM 212Assisted Living/Senior Housing Management3 Credits
SRLM 242Alzheimer's and Dementia Care3 Credits
SRLM 244The Changing Face of Aging in a Multicultural Society3 Credits
SRLM 340Politics and Policy of Care of the Aging3 Credits
SRLM 490Senior Living Management Practicum and Seminar3 Credits
SRLM 491Senior Living Management Capstone3 Credits

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To ensure the best possible educational experience for our students, we may update our curriculum to reflect emerging and changing employer and industry trends.

What are some common skills and competencies gained with a bachelor’s degree in senior living management?

Undergraduate programs in senior living management often combine coursework and hands-on learning experiences that can train you in the following skills and competencies, among others:

  • Provision of quality care to the aging population. Graduate with an understanding of the principles of care — especially those that apply to senior populations — so you can offer compassionate care and support.
  • Senior care organization management. Degree programs in senior living management are designed to train you to manage environments that serve seniors, including day-to-day oversight in areas such as compliance, staffing, and scheduling.
  • Healthcare management fundamentals. When you graduate from a degree program in senior living management, you can have mastery over the fundamentals of healthcare management. Learn to make smart decisions for the short- and long-term success of your organization.
  • 5 Domains of Practice. The National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) developed the 5 Domains of Practice to act as pillars of superior senior living management and care. The 5 Domains include customer care, support, and services; human resources; finance; environment; and management and leadership. Through these domains, you can learn how to provide seniors with services that support a healthy lifestyle; ensure facilities are well-staffed; manage the financial health of your organization; maintain a healthy, enriching environment; and step forward as a leader to provide an ethical, communicative place to live and work.

What are some online courses for aspiring assisted living administrators that I can expect to take?

The modern senior is active, involved, and excited to engage in fulfilling activities. Coursework in senior living management is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to help an aging population thrive.

When you earn your bachelor’s in senior living management at Maryville, you can build your skills in courses like:

  • Healthcare Operations. Discover the behind-the-scenes operations that enable healthcare organizations to consistently deliver high-quality and cost-effective patient care. Useful in all healthcare settings, learn topics such as finances, project management, patient flow, performance management, process improvement, and supply chain management.
  • Financial Management in Healthcare. Learn financial management practices applicable to healthcare and senior living management, such as budgeting, resource allocation, funding sources, financial reporting, and cost analysis.
  • Assisted Living/Senior Housing Management. In an assisted living/senior housing management course, you can build your fundamental understanding of the senior services industry. Learn about the various types of health and living services seniors use, from adult care and assisted living to hospitals and nursing facilities, as well as their day-to-day management. Explore topics such as operations, community relations, budgeting, marketing, and staffing.
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.7 million Americans currently live with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. By 2050, this number is projected to grow to almost 14 million. The vast majority of them will be seniors. With Alzheimer’s looming as such a difficult challenge in senior care, senior living management degree programs generally include coursework specific to this population. In these courses, you can learn the theories of dementia — including behavioral, physiological, causative, effective, and cognitive — and how to assess an individual patient.
  • Politics and Policy of Care of the Aging. From healthcare to legal rights, a number of policies impact elders and their care. Learn which policies impact this population and how politics plays a role in their lives and future.


Learn more about a potential career in senior living management.

If you’re excited by the prospect of helping an aging population live fulfilling lives, consider a degree in senior living management. At Maryville University, our online bachelor’s program is designed to help you build the knowledge and skills to make a profound difference in the lives of a new generation of seniors.

With a variety of rewarding career options, this degree is the first step toward a leadership position in a field that’s exploding with possibility. Get started by enrolling in our online Bachelor of Science in Senior Living Management.