6 Reasons to Become a Nurse Practitioner

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When it comes to starting a career, you want it to be one you love. If you have a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Maybe your dream is to become a nurse practitioner, or maybe you have another goal and a nursing degree will help you get there. Whatever your goal is, here are six reasons to become a nurse practitioner.

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1. Career Advancement

Over the years, the need for nurse practitioners has grown immensely, leaving the door open to opportunities both inside and outside of the clinic setting. Nurses pave the way for research, both medical and nursing, which is vital to the growth of the medical industry. They are teachers inside a classroom for all of those eager to learn more, and nurses are important members of medical corporations, playing a big role in patient-related advocacy.

2. New Opportunities

Any education will open doors to better opportunities, but an advanced education opens windows too. You’ll have countless new job opportunities, and an education will arm you with knowledge and experience. This will allow you to give the very best care to your patients in a range of specialties anywhere you go. With the right degree, you’ll always have work available.

3. Personal Fulfillment

Becoming an NP is hard, but stimulating work. Nurse practitioners are intellectuals with fast thinking and a love for learning new things. Though it is challenging, the rewards come in ten-fold. You’ll play an active role in the overall health of others, ensuring they get the right treatment and care to live long and healthy lives. When you hold all the cards, you make the biggest difference. If helping others is your calling, there is no better way than to nurse them back to health and happiness.

4. Financial Stability

An NP Certification not only opens up opportunities for medical marketability, but results in higher paying positions. As of 2014, the average income of a nurse practitioner is $96,000. That’s almost $100,000 a year, with new opportunities for better pay always available. You’ll never be without work or a steady income and still get to do what you’ve always dreamed of.

5. Longevity

As long as the human race survives, there will always be someone who is hurt or sick. Unlike many careers that are ceasing to exist due to technological advances, the medical field will always be needed. Nurses play a key part in the expansion of medical professions, creating jobs to be filled for the long run.

6. Variety

A nurse practitioner certification allows you to go a variety of specialties. You can work in hospitals alongside surgeons, or in a general practice office to help families. Work with the elderly in nursing homes or hospice to ease their pain or even in a government health agency. The options are endless providing you with choice and variety in your career.

Don’t get stuck in a job or career you hate because you don’t have an education to do what you love. A nurse practitioner degree is at your fingertips, get started today.