Nurses Week

Maryville appreciates and honors the outstanding nursing community

For all you’ve done and all you do, we want to show our gratitude

As we reflect on the past and look toward a brighter future, we want to show our deepest gratitude to the nursing community. We always respect and appreciate the work you do. Now, during Nurse Appreciation Week, let us celebrate you.

The past year has been historic in many ways and has tested us all. Nurses like you have been the heroes who kept us safe and healthy through thick and thin. You inspired us, protected us, and gave us hope when we needed it most. You worked tirelessly beyond the call of duty to anchor us and guide us through one of the most difficult health crises of our lives. You did it because you chose a life of service, compassion, and care.

We at Maryville University hope the messages below and the events we have planned for this week can do justice to the immense gratitude we feel for all you do. Thank you – sincerely.


Here’s what Maryville is doing for Nurse Appreciation Week 2021

We at Maryville University hope the messages below and the events we have planned for this week can do justice to the immense gratitude we feel for all you do. Thank you — sincerely.

Thursday, May 6

Happy National Nurses Day: In honor of Nurse Appreciation Week, Maryville has planned a week of events to celebrate the wonderful nurses at Maryville and around the country. Join us on social media to follow along with the week’s events.

Friday, May 7

A Moment of Mindfulness with Maryville: Join us for a virtual yoga session and relieve some of the stress of the week. There will be two sessions: 9:45 a.m. CT and 7:30 p.m CT.

Saturday, May 8

Pet Appreciation Day: Do you have a four-legged friend who always makes you feel better? Let’s celebrate our furry helpers. Be sure to like us on Facebook and tag us in a picture using the hashtag #MaryvilleOnline.

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Sunday, May 9

A Message from the President: Check out our Facebook page to hear a special message to the nursing community from Dr. Mark Lombardi, president of Maryville University.

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Monday, May 10

Invest in Yourself: Join us for an exclusive lunch-and-learn session where Dr. Mariea Snell and Dr. Brandie Stiles will give a presentation on the future of telehealth and healthcare. The session will be held at 12pm CT, and will be recorded. If you are not able to make it live, you can view the recording using the same link below.

Tuesday, May 11

Sharing Nursing Stories: Hear from Maryville nursing student Lexy Vreeland as she reflects on her experience as a nurse during the pandemic, what she’s learned from 2020, and more.

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A special message from Dr. Lombardi

President of Maryville University

I appreciate our undergraduate nursing students regarding their excitement to enter the profession. I wish them all the best. I hope they love their nursing careers as much as I have.

— Geralyn Frandsen,
Professor of Nursing & Assistant Director of the BSN Programs

I appreciate nursing and nurse practitioner (NP) students because they teach me how to be a better nurse practitioner. Thank you, Maryville NP students, for inspiring me every day!

— Dr. Nina Zimmermann,
Assistant Professor of Nursing

“Maybe this one moment, with this one person, is the very reason we’re here on Earth at this time.”
– Jean Watson

I very much appreciate nurses and nursing students because of the commitment and care they display every day to their patients. Especially in this time of the pandemic, nurses “show up” and provide professional care and concern. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God bless you!

— Dr. Bonnie Stegman,
Associate Professor of Nursing & Coordinator of the Online RN-BSN & Community Paramedic Programs

Our nursing faculty appreciates all you do

Check out this video to see our messages of thanks and encouragement.

I appreciate the nursing industry because anyone who dedicates their life to helping others and saving lives deserves our gratitude. The pandemic has shined a very bright light on a profession that is underappreciated and so incredibly important. Thank you for all you do!

— Courtney Haller,
Director of Marketing & Public Relations

To be a nurse means to be a leader, to be a caregiver with a big heart. The job is rewarding in multiple ways — you’re able to be there for the joys in a patient’s life, be there in their sorrows, and be there in their last days. Nurses know the meaning of teamwork as we jump in to help a colleague, cover their patients while they care for a patient that is more critical, laugh together, and cry together. Nurses know the true meaning of “work family.” If you are a nurse, this means you are a member of a proud profession of hard-working souls. Happy Nurses Week, and thanks for all your dedication to help care for others!

— Dr. Mykale Elbe,
Assistant Professor of Nursing & Director of the MSN/Nurse Practitioner Programs

I would like to thank all the nurses and nurse practitioners who care for each patient before them with intelligence, care, and compassion. We need you and appreciate the hard work you are doing today and always.

— Dr. Karla Larson,
Associate Professor of Nursing & Assistant Dean of Nursing


I want to thank all the nursing students who want to join the profession of healers and be nurses even in the midst of a global pandemic. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and compassion. Happy Nurses Week.

– Brandie Stiles,
Assistant Professor of Nursing & Coordinator of the Psychiatric Mental Health NP Programs

I appreciate nurses for the well-rounded support they provide to their patients. Nurses are known for providing lifesaving medical care, but their soothing presence and kindness provides the support patients need to gain their health back.

— Devin Payne,
Retention Manager

I believe nurses are the world’s strongest heroes. This past year has been tough, but our nurses are tougher! As an advisor, I have been honored to speak with our nurses, hear their brave stories, and watch as they persevere despite the challenges. I’ve talked to them as they have been on the front lines fighting for their patients and their families. They have been working tirelessly to make this world a better place, and we would not be where we are today without them. I appreciate their resilience, kindness, and all of their hard work. Thank you!

— Annie Ziga,
Student Support Specialist

To all of the nursing students and faculty,

In honor of Nurses Week, I want to take this opportunity to say a profound thank you to each one of you! I truly appreciate everything you do to provide care and comfort and improve the health of our society. Thank you for your commitment, strength, and perseverance!

— Michelle Jenkins,
Dean of the Myrtle E. and Earl E. Walker College of Health Professions

Thank you for choosing to join the nursing profession. You have opted to dedicate your time to a career that is fulfilling and rewarding. Each day, take pride in knowing you are contributing to improving individuals’ quality of life. Happy Nurses Week.

— Joanne Kern,
Assistant Professor of Nursing & Coordinator of the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP Programs

Where do I even start with nurses?! It is a pleasure to work with nurses and nursing students every day. Their job isn’t just that — it’s a passion, a way of life. They put everyone before themselves, sacrifice so much, and somehow still manage to keep their studies at the top of their list! Thank you nurses for all that you do. Working with such dedicated and selfless people makes my job that much more enjoyable

— Nicole Gutzmer,
Senior Student Support Specialist

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