Discover your future.
It’s in the data.

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Discover your future.
It’s in the data.

The information age is in full swing, and we’re producing data at an unprecedented rate. By 2020, projections show that about 1.7 megabytes of data per person will be created each second.* Businesses, nonprofits, governments, and other organizations will need bold leaders to help maximize opportunity and create strategy in our increasingly digital world.

Earn your master’s in data science online from Maryville University, and learn to lead on the digital frontier. We collaborated with top employers to design our program around the most important data science skills, so you can learn what you need to thrive in any field. Our dynamic, project-based curriculum helps you build the practical experience to enhance your career — and prepare for advancement.

  • Apply with no entrance exams or fees, and choose from 3 start dates.
  • Explore eligible transfer credit options.
  • Develop key industry skills like machine learning, data mining, big data, and deep learning.
  • Access 100% online coursework with no campus visits required.
  • Complete real-world projects to strengthen your skills with Python, SQL, R, and SAS.
  • Earn an experience-driven degree and learn from industry leaders.

This is your chance to do more than just work in data science. It’s your chance to lead in the field and make an impact in your organization. And we can help you do it. Let’s be brave together.

*’s “Data Never Sleeps 6.0”

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