Good Vibes Roadside Owner, Cynthia Johnson and husband

Good Vibes Roadside, LLC

Roadside Assistance

Maryville University is proud to support Good Vibes Roadside, LLC as part of our Digital Development Project. As a member of the St. Louis community ourselves, we’re here to contribute toward the growth and development of local businesses through online education and skills development. Because when services like Good Vibes Roadside thrive, we all benefit.

Good Vibes Roadside, LLC at a Glance

Business Type: Roadside assistance

#DigitalDevProject Representative: Cynthia Johnson, owner

Neighborhood: Carlyle, Illinois

Mission: To provide roadside services and help people in need with a smile

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My husband has been providing roadside assistant for years as a sub-contractor. He knew the process — and knew he would run the business differently to enhance customer experience if given the opportunity.

And, COVID hit. He was out of his job. We received stimulus funds and decided to use it to start our own business. The notion of having a business to call our own was not the objective; the drive was to be able to help people in need while putting a smile on their faces.

We consider the customer first. We go above and beyond to provide excellent services while staying affordable.

We hope to grow our business and incorporate towing and educational classes within the next two years.

The name of the business says it all. We want to bring a positive outlook to the customer during a bad situation.

Why did you decide to participate in the Digital Development Program with Maryville University?

Our current biggest setback is marketing. We have great ideas but don’t know how to execute them. I am looking forward to working with instructors and meeting other students like me who are learning how to grow their businesses.

I am thrilled … being a part of this [project] when I need it the most. I am ready to see the difference it can make to help us and our business.

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