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Maryville University is proud to support Dean Diaries Publishing as part of our Digital Development Project. As a member of the greater Missouri community ourselves, we’re here to contribute toward the growth and development of local businesses through online education and skills development. Because when services like Dean Diaries Publishing thrive, we all benefit.

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Store Type: Publishing House

#DigitalDevProject Representative: Sierra Dean, CEO

Neighborhood: Clayton, Missouri

Mission: To empower individuals to share their voices and inspire change

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Dean Diaries Publishing started with the intention to help individuals who had a hard time verbally expressing themselves. Writing has become a true passion of mine, because I know how much it helps in building communication.

Having experienced domestic violence, I knew how much it impacted my voice. There was a point in my life I could not effectively communicate my feelings because I would put others’ sentiments first. I made sure everyone else was happy before considering for myself. I was hiding behind a mask and wasn’t sure what made me happy.

One day, I had an urge to write in a notebook, and I began writing poetry. It felt good. I found my outlet: writing.

As I wrote, my communication improved with people around me. I was rediscovering who I was as a person.

Started in 2016, Dean Diaries Publishing’s first publications were my own journals — to help others find themselves through writing. Since then, I also have begun holding journaling workshops for children and at domestic violence shelters. As of 2018, I have published 3 books. Dean Diaries Publishing continues to help people write and find themselves.

People can become best-selling authors with Dean Diaries Publishing by sharing their stories to incorporate change and inspiration for others. 

Why did you decide to participate in the Digital Development Program with Maryville University?

As a small business owner, this program not only is beneficial for me to market my business, but also can help me assist other authors hoping to market themselves. I am ready to learn and execute so that I can effectively share people’s voices and stories with the public.

Dean Diaries CEO, Sierra Dean

Dean Diaries CEO, Sierra Dean and author

The Mountains That Made Me by Sierra Dean Book Cover

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