Why Moms Excel As Nurse Practitioners

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Many mothers find a way to excel both domestically and professionally, though it does take a bit of planning. Here are five reasons why moms should consider becoming a nurse practitioner.

1. Moms Have Caring and Listening Experience

Moms can quickly spot when their kids aren’t feeling well and have the patience to check on them and administer the right medicine, even if it’s chicken noodle soup. Nurse Practitioners need to listen to their patients and sometimes analyze what they’re not saying. A patient might discuss one set of symptoms, but a shaky hand or difficulty smiling can indicate something else.

2. Online Classes Let Students Set the Pace

According to a recent study done by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, nearly 40 percent of students are adult learners, which is defined as being older than 25. Individuals are pursuing education all throughout life, whether they’re returning for a master’s degree or finishing what they started.

Online courses make it exponentially simpler for students to advance their knowledge at any age. For example, moms can study after they drop their kids off at school or when they’re down for a nap, and take tests or listen to lectures when they get home from work.

3. Nurse Practitioners Have Flexible Schedules

Whether they’re moms or not, many nurses and nurse practitioners are drawn to the field because of flexible scheduling. In fact, according to Nursezone, many studies prove that these schedules increase morale and retention in many offices.

Moms can take day shifts in between dropping the kids off or the morning shift to spend time with them at night. Many offices try to take motherhood into account when they hire and let them change shifts to accommodate Spring Break or Teacher Work Days.

4. Nurse Practitioners Are in Demand

Economists project the demand for nurse practitioners will grow beyond its supply in the coming 10-15 years. In fact, there will be a deficit of 20,400 primary care physicians by 2020 according to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), presenting the opportunity for nurse practitioners to fill these roles.

The need for nurse practitioners is nationwide, from major trauma and research hospitals to small specialist offices. The demand for nurse practitioners has expanded to include not only major cities, but rural areas as well where they are needed to treat low-income families that have recently received healthcare for the first time thanks to changes in healthcare legislation.

The need for nurse practitioners is evident and the career field is ideal for moms who want to cut down on lengthy commute times or want to work without relocating their families.

5. Moms Can Offer Quality Advice to Parents

Nurse Practitioners who are moms provide the perfect mixture between medical knowledge and lessons learned from their own children. This helps parents see the medical field as a resource, and the nurse practitioner as a friend. This can lead to a better patient-doctor relationship resulting in the parent feeling more comfortable asking for help and advice from the NP when it comes to their child’s health.

You don’t have to be a mother to be a great nurse practitioner, but it’s an excellent career option for those who enjoy and specialize in caring for others, like many mothers often do.