Marketing, Data and The C-Suite

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In demand C-Suite opportunities have evolved far beyond the standard Executive Titles. Technology presents a steady stream of new ways for both customers and competitors to intersect with companies and their products, bringing about the growth of alternative careers in the highest seats of organizational management. This change reflects how marketing, technology and data can shape the new C-Suite. Here are 4 emerging roles that deviate from traditional titles usually seen in high-level positions:

CDO – Chief Data Officer

According to Fast Company, the Chief Data Officer (CDO) position is a “C-suite job of the future.” This executive is responsible not only for utilizing valuable data insights to protect the company bottom line, but also for making it possible for more targeted strategies in marketing, advertising and sales to be implemented.

Offering important insights to the management team is not the CDO’s only job. Finding and leading a group of data-minded, deeply analytical employees, of which there is a shortage, is also a part of the CDO’s invaluable role.

Chief Automation Officer

Another job of the future is Chief Automation Officer (CAO). This executive will be tasked with keeping the company competitive through automation. As various teams within an organization function on multiple systems, the process of automation allows data and information to be streamlined through a single technology. The CAO will likely be responsible for identifying and implementing an automation solution that is right for the organization.

CCO/Chief Customer (Experience) Officer

The Chief Customer Officer Council (CCO) is an executive who understands details about the customer and develops high-level strategies to ensure acquisition, increase retention and maximize profitability. A CCO is responsible for driving customer experience and perspective throughout their journey with a company. CCOs will develop, deploy, and maintain a strategy that is built from analyzed data and metrics. Internal and external customer feedback is one source in which this information could come from. In today’s age of instantaneous customer reviews and Social Media, outlets for customers to provide real-time feedback are endless. The strategy in which the CCO listens and responds to that information can shape public perception of the company as a whole.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Though the title may be traditional, this role is constantly evolving with new technologies and marketing strategies. Outreach is one area that marketers are focused on right now – building relationships with individuals and organizations that can help sell the product.

Building relationships with agencies that represent bloggers, vloggers, and other third party marketers will provide tools a CMO can use to reach target audiences as consumers place increasing importance on those channels of communication. The influence of digital media has created a new level of intimacy between customers and the products/companies they choose.

From the development of the Chief Customer Experience Officer or the Chief Data Officer to the evolving importance of the Chief Marketing Officer, the C-Suite is an ever-changing arena for individuals looking to grow in their careers. Learn how an MBA degree can help you stay relevant in this environment by visiting Maryville University online.