Entrepreneurs Who Also Happen To Be Nurses

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Nurse Entrepreneurs are Making an Impact

The very first nurse entrepreneur was Clara Barton, who founded the American Red Cross in 1881. She went on to lead the organization for 23 years, making an impact that would last until this day. Since then, of course, countless nurses have made their dreams of entrepreneurship come true. Here is a quick look at four nurses who have followed the entrepreneurial path in several different directions:

AMN Healthcare

One of the most successful nurse-founded companies is AMN Healthcare, which was founded by Gayle Francis in 1985 under the name American Mobile Nurses. The company changed its name in 1998 to create an umbrella organization that could house the smaller companies that AMN Healthcare was ready to acquire. Over the past two decades, AMN purchased over a dozen healthcare staffing companies and their affiliated sub-brands. The one non-staffing piece of business owned by AMN is the web site RN.com, which provides ANCC-accredited continuing education.

Candy Campbell & Company

Candace Campbell, DNPc, MSN-HCSM, RN, CNL, is an entrepreneur of many talents. She is an award-winning actor and filmmaker, author and educator. Candy is known in nursing circles for her insightful and engaging “What Would Florence Do?” speaking events as a Florence Nightingale impersonator. She has written children’s books about nursing and produced the documentary “Micropremature Babies: How Low Can You Go?” which has received rave reviews all over the world.  Recently in receipt of her DNP degree, Candy also finds time to serve as adjunct faculty. (Source: www.CandyCampbell.com)

Pathways Consulting

Pathways Consulting provides services to the procurement and tissue banking community. The organization was founded by Cyndie Colarusso, RN, BSN, CPTC, CTBS, in order to increase awareness of tissue and organ donation. Pathways also helps to enhance the care and appreciation of donor families whose loved ones gave the ultimate gift. Donor recipients can go to the group’s web site to learn how they can communicate their thanks for getting a second chance at life. (Sources:  www.Donna Cardillo.com; www.1000thanks.com)

Unlimited Potential

Renee Baldo, RN, BS, MBA, is the founder of Unlimited Potential, a skin care and wellness studio that takes a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit. Her own experience with therapeutic face and body treatments was that they were essential for inner healing and stress management. As a nurse, Baldo understands what stress can do the body and encourages her clients to be proactive in preventing negative effects over time. (Sources:  www.Donna Cardillo.com; www.upskincare.com)

Entrepreneurial nurses are changing the field of healthcare and you could be next. To get started on the path to advancing your nursing expertise and career, check out Maryville University’s online DNP program.