A College Student’s Guide for Test Preparation

Test Preparation Resources

Studying for Test – Teacher Vision
Test Preparation Tip for Students
Test Taking Strategie for College Students
Survival Strategies for Taking Tests
4tests.com – Free Online Practice Tests
Help your Child Improve in Test Taking

Study Skills

California State University – Study Skill Strategies
How to Study for Students
Study Habit for College Students
Printable Study Skill Sheets
Developing Good Study Habits for All Students Habits
Study Skills Help Page
Brunel University – Study Skills Online
Study and Success Strategies

Note Taking Tips

Taking Lecture Notes (.PDF guide)
Note Taking and Academic Techniques
Note Taking Techniques
Listening Skills for Students
Note Taking for College Students
Lecture Note Taking Tips from the College of Saint Benedict
Hints for Good Note Taking

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Stress Management Tips
Relaxation Techniques (.PDF guide)
Testing Anxiety Toolkit
Managing Your Stress and Anxiety at School
What is Anxiety (.PDF)
Back to School: Dealing With Academic Stress
Test Anxiety and How to Deal with It

Additional Resources for College Students

Time Management from Stanford University – (.PDF guide)
Writing Tips for Students
Thinking About Questions: Beyond Topical Research
Surviving the Semester for online college degree programs
Time Management Success for Students
88 Surefire Tips for Succeeding in College
A Research Guide for College Students
Financial Aid for College Students
Online Degree from Maryville